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Every day we need to make decisions related to the different aspects of our life. Making right education related decision can go a long way in shaping ones career. This is a very time consuming and difficult process because education related information is unorganized, ever changing and not customized to suit your strengths.

Schools, Colleges, Institutes and Universities are striving to adapt to market requirements by introducing new courses.However due to the lack of availability of a common forum such crucial information is not reached to education seekers.

At meestudents.com we are trying to solve problems described above. It connects the education seeker with the education provider. Meestudents.com provides information of various Schools, Colleges, Training Institutions, and Universities Courses information, Fee structure, Online admission, Entrance Exams, Competitions, Scholarships, and Home Tuitions.

A student (typically after having completed schooling, i.e., 10+2) can access comprehensive information on colleges, courses, scholarships, admission notifications, ask questions and get answers from users/experts and view recommendations for various colleges and courses. The site provides tools that enable its users to make a well informed decision by interacting with a community of users, domain experts and college/school alumni.

On the other hand, the site helps institutes/colleges attract high quality admission enquiries and thus talent. The revenue model is based on advertisements placed by colleges, institutes and universities.


Handful of childhood dreams of being a doctor, an engineer, a software developer or the master of other field, now need sharper network to get edge over cutthroat competition. Finding a dream job is like finding a pearl in an oyster. With the increasing competition, every business entrepreneur wants to hire gems of the profession. At the same time, job seekers also want a destination where they can whet their skills. Catering to the needs of both, Placement India is transforming million dreams into reality.

This is the company's flagship brand and India's largest online job website. Its business model depends on job listings and employer branding or visibility advertisements, on the one hand, and resume database access, on the other. Additional features of the website include: job seeker services such as candidate services which are free for job seekers; and tools to search the database of resumes and job application screening programs for employer and recruitment consultant customers.

To retain its leadership position, the company constantly invests in product development and improved user experiences through search tools and better site response. The search mechanism has been significantly improved for job search. The online platform is supplemented by a mobile application for Android platforms. The mobile medium is continually gaining traction. The cloud SaaS-based career site manager is now being used by 1,600 clients and helps them manage process flow of applications for recruiters, and is used to launch mobile ready career sites at a fraction of cost. It includes an application tracking system. The referral hiring platform is now being used by 350 corporates.

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